I was one time walking and I over-heard a man tell some group of youth, “Life is hard and one cannot succeed in it’’. I saw this man’s statement as ironic because he being the oldest member in the group, he is expected to motivate them but he is doing the ordinary. I felt like interrupting the nay-sayer but I didn’t want to look like the passer-by who couldn’t mind his own business. But when I reached home, I begun to lament on this man’s statement.

Life has always been what we make it .If we want to see lemons and call it lemonade, it’s our choice. But if we want to see the lemons and only lament on the bitterness of the fruit, still the choice is yours. The bible says it well when it says “As a man thinks, so is he”. If we think that we are poor, then our entire lives will be surrounded by misery. Life has it’s challenges, yes. But in tough times we need to smile; in other words, don’t look at your problems as mountains that can’t be conquered. On the contrary, look at them as small holes on the ground that can be covered with soil.

Sir Edmund Hilary saw Mt. Everest and ignored what people said about it in terms of impossibility to climb it. He looked at the mountain and saw a small hill that can easily be conquered. After he reached the summit, people now begun to notice that what was seen as impossible can be made possible. In life we have options on the individuals we can be; we can either join the group of nay-sayers who can’t even accept the fact that sugar is sweet even when in their tongues or we can be the ones who see a seed and in our minds , we see millions of dollars worth in a farm. Your mind is the drawing board  and you are the artist. Feel free to draw portraits that make the world’s best artists jealous.

Anthony Robbins said it well in his book,” Awakening the Giant within”, in the book he says that within each individual lies a giant with immense potential and all we need to do is bring our inside out so that people can see and possibly get infected by the good virtues.

To me I would say that the gent who was planting negative seeds of life in the minds of the future generation is an individual who has made poor decisions in life and now believes that what happened to him will happen to others. If God gave us different fingerprints, what  makes one think that the bad things that happen to one are the same events that will come to another. Some people walk through life and all things seem smooth while others spend most of their time cursing the reason they were born simply because they don’t recognize that they have the potential to make life progress in the path that they want.

Today the choice is yours, to either blame life for all our decisions or we can wake up and notice that we are the drivers who direct our paths to either prosperity or failure.