Strength Of A Vision



During a 100 meter sprint, all the athletes are focused on one goal – reaching the finished line first and enjoying the benefits of winning. In the mind of the athlete, he has no other option but to run with all that he has got in order to cross the line first. When a soldier goes to war, he conditions his mind to “kill mode” and never does he think of the expected challenges. As the sentinel arrives at the battle ground, he gives his enemies two options- they either lose or let the soldier defeat them. Both the runner and soldier begin their missions with the end in mind. They don’t just picture the victory, they synchronise their vision with their ambition. Why do most people fail?

Well, it’s mostly because they either lack a vision or if they have it, they are too occupied thinking of what would step them. The athlete understands that from point A to B, there is a possibility of an injury but all the same they take the risk. He equips himself for any unexpected surprises. I believe that if the sprinter has a muscle cramp in the middle of the race, he wouldn’t lie on the floor and cry; he would push up to the end. Even though the soldier has been shot in the leg, he will still strive to take some people to the grave before his time. The problem with us is that when we get an unexpected visit by probably disappointment, heartbreak, underperformance or misunderstanding; we lament more about our disappointments than we do about our potential success rate. If incase one had a rough childhood with a drunk for a parent, we don’t look beyond the negative words said by the parent. We use the disempowering words said about us and let them define who we end up being. Instead of saying,” I have the power to change my destiny.” We are busy saying, “My Dad told me I will always be a failure and never amount to anything.” What we think about ourselves eventually becomes who we are. And when such a person fails, they blame their parents and yet the problem is their thinking and vision. Rectify your thoughts and you would have built a new solid foundation for your vision.

Life will always give you blows, no doubt. But if you want to think of reasons for failure instead of thinking on the possibilities of success, then be my guest and invite doom into your life. When the blows come, we need to keep our eyes on the prize (our Vision) and don’t even think of stopping in the middle for whatever reason. When you have a vision, success becomes your middle name.

The choice is now yours, will you stop in the middle of the race /battlefield or will you give the mission your all so that you can achieve your vision?