Life has it’s way of teaching lessons. My younger brother showed me that if one doesn’t make the most of what he has then all he’ll do is weep when it’s all gone. It’s only natural that we as humans conclude that they are things that are obvious and don’t need verbal confirmation. My brother one night was vomiting and excreting blood from all possible outlets and this made my heart jump into an unknown corner. I saw him attached to machines and I immediately thought that he is nearing his end in the world.  I honestly couldn’t think straight for a long time as I begun to imagine life without him around. Things appeared tough to me not because he could have died but rather because he would have met his creator before I let him know that I love him.

To me I never mentioned those words because I assumed that they were automatic and more than evident in actions. One mistake I made is, I made assumptions rather than following my heart. We always ignore the basic and obvious issues but little do we know that one time we will begin to regret. When was the last time you told the people close to you that you love them? Well don’t wait for the moment that they are gone for you to say it. Always live life as though it was close to its end. Many have misinterpreted this statement to mean living life hopelessly. But on the contrary it means live each day as though it was the last day you have left. What would be the last things you would do if you only had a day before your clogs popped? Personally, I believe we should let those around us know how much they mean to us and never should we spend a minute of our time mourning over disappointments. Life is too valuable for us to spend the little time we have regretting and playing the blame game.

If I was you, after reading this I would begin my life on a brand new chapter bearing in mind that life is too precious to waste. Go ahead and let those around you know how much they mean to you. Take an extra step and show them how much they mean to you. Words have always been cheap but actions are truly irreplaceable. Don’t wait until it’s too late, now is the perfect time. Pick up that phone and let them know how much they mean to you.