I walk,

But I don’t Know where to.

I see,

But I don’t know what exactly.

I feel,

But I can’t tell what it is.

I touch,

But I seem not to reach it.

I think,

But I have no idea what about.

I write

But only God knows the recipient.

I think am running mad,

I can only deny no more.


I feel a sudden joy, a radiance alongside a grin

My life seems to be orchestrated by pleasure,

Pleasure in falling and losing costly things

Truly my sanity is going down the drain.

And all I can is watch it set sail.

Mad is now the definition of my state of mind.

And all I can do is deny no more.


In this pleasure for losing things,

I have lost only one thing

And that’s a piece of my heart

I have fallen,

No doubt.

But not in a pit, ditch or any man hole,

I have fallen for you.

You have left me breathless.

I can now deny no more.


I searched the world to find what this feeling inside me is,

Over the mountains, down the valley.

No answer is all I get

But my conscience tells me of a four letter word

And that’s the feeling inside of me

L-O-V-E is the word

And it seems to be polluting the air I breathe.

I love you.

I can only deny no more




©Elvis Cosmos