This past week my heart was astounded by one of God’s creations – babies. From time immemorial, I have always admired those little sergeants in their early youth . I had a chat with my little sister this week about any random topic that popped in her head. First and foremost, she talks more than a two year old should but all the same that shows she will be a lady who never holds back her opinion. During our bonding time, she told me of how she would like to go camping with me after she is done with school. The to-do-list was stretching it’s limits –it must have been longer than a combination of all bible verses merged together. After the camping, there was a plan to go for a shopping spree mostly for candy and an extra- large pizza. The dialogue seemed not to have an end but that never seemed to worry her as she talked without seizing.

When the one hour “we will do……….  Speech” ended I was left in a quandary as the youngster never gave me space to give her my opinion- she hurriedly dashed off to watch her preferred animation. Thank God for cartoons otherwise I was going to have a huge to do list that even the FBI would suspect I was a drug baron. As she kept her eyes filled with the greatest animation of all time- Tom and Jerry, I begun to release the shock I had just got by a toddler who believes that her big brother will always have her back no matter the weather forecast in life. We were all once children and we also had a limitless imagination on the path our lives would take, but what happened? Where did that ambitious kid in us go? What happened to the zeal that enabled us to plan without planning for the most likely problems?

Life happened- we grew, joined school and begun to think with two perspectives. We were no longer that little child who would wish to go bungee jumping and ignore the other side of the coin that says we may never get home after. To a child, money is a paper- like structure that is meant to ease life but to an adult it’s a burden that we struggle to get so that we can take care of our obligations. Yes there are two sides to a coin, but we have the liberty to look at the shiny part and believe that the rusty one will also shine someday soon. Who said the rusty side can’t shine? NO ONE. We are the ones that give impossibility an invitation card to our biggest party –life. One thing about this giant guest is that he will never R.S.V.P an invite. So if you need to, take some time off and check your guest list to the never-ending party. If you see, Impossibility, Doubt, Fear and Disbelief, do yourself a favour and strike them out before your bash gets trashed. The bible in the book of Proverbs says it well,” As a man thinketh, so is he.”  Think like a child and there will no boundary to where your imagination can take you, think like a problematic man and you’ll never see the fact that the coin actually has a shiny side to it. We all need to awaken the child within us that we buried under pride, knowledge, facts and back –up plans (The fact that there is a plan B shows that you have prepared to lose yet God said you are more than a conqueror).

Look deep within yourself and tell that little gent or lady who doesn’t prepare for limits to arise.