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This blog takes lessons from life and displays them for the world to see in both poetry and prose. Life is what we make it and I see lessons everywhere I go

Life’s Test

In life, nay-sayers are like flies- you’ll chase them but they will always find a way back to you


Awaken The Child Within

This past week my heart was astounded by one of God’s creations – babies. From time immemorial, I have always admired those little sergeants in their early youth . I had a chat with my little sister this week about... Continue Reading →

Life Racing

The beauty about the race is, there’s a prize for every participant.

Generational Parenting

The commanders in the the academy of child raising can either create a jewel or junk.

The Problem or the Solution…?

Last week I travelled back to the place that witnessed my first baby steps. I was extremely excited to go back to a place I call home. But before I left for my ancestral land, I took a trip the... Continue Reading →

GoodBye Opportunity

Two weeks ago, I attended a sports day for one of my younger sisters at the national stadium in Kenya. The event was amazing, during the 100 meter race kids ran as though they were being chased by wild dogs.... Continue Reading →

Deny No More

I walk, But I don’t Know where to. I see, But I don’t know what exactly. I feel, But I can’t tell what it is. I touch, But I seem not to reach it. I think, But I have no... Continue Reading →

Love Anthem

Life has it’s way of teaching lessons. My younger brother showed me that if one doesn’t make the most of what he has then all he’ll do is weep when it’s all gone. It’s only natural that we as humans... Continue Reading →

Strength Of A Vision

Those who see ,go far. Those that choose to close their eyes, never get beyond their imaginations.

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