Bringing the inside out

Love Anthem

Life has it’s way of teaching lessons. My younger brother showed me that if one doesn’t make the most of what he has then all he’ll do is weep when it’s all gone. It’s only natural that we as humans... Continue Reading →


Strength Of A Vision

Those who see ,go far. Those that choose to close their eyes, never get beyond their imaginations.

The Power Within

  I was one time walking and I over-heard a man tell some group of youth, “Life is hard and one cannot succeed in it’’. I saw this man’s statement as ironic because he being the oldest member in the... Continue Reading →

The Hands Of Tomorrow

  Leadership is a God-given gift and those who are entrusted with that authority over others are meant to lead while the rest follow. One thing I learnt about the world we live in is that; the people we are... Continue Reading →

Plea Of The Common Man

The Common man has a voice , what is he saying?

Backstage In Success

In every success story, there is always more to what meets the eye.

Tribute to the Mothers

  In this cold world, I needed a Super hero And God gave me you. When I had questions, You always had an answer When I was running a race, You kept me going. When I fell down, You picked... Continue Reading →

Power In The Weak

As I walked through the streets of Kampala, I saw a beggar and my heart completely melted. The man had elephantiasis and to make matters worse he was barely dressed. I stood across the street and watched as he sat... Continue Reading →

One Day

  One day....!!!! You will remember me. You will regret not staying with me. You will see me from a distance And wish you could turn back the hands of time; But unfortunately , time waits for no man And... Continue Reading →

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